School Survival Guide.

Oh, man. How do I even start this. Let’s just cut to the chase. So you’re probably wondering, “How do I survive freshman, well high school in general, year?”

For starters, be nice to your teachers. Not only will that help you be able to get good teacher recommendations for future references, but when you need extra time on homework or something, do you think a teacher you’ve always been rude to will feel any sympathy towards you? You should also be nice to them because they’re people who have worked hard to educate us in order to make us intellectual beings.

Another thing is to work hard. Stop slacking. This isn’t middle school anymore. The classes are harder and this is leading up to your future. If you mess up your freshman year, it’s hard to get back on the right track in your next three years. So please just do your homework and listen to your teacher when they’re talking.

Another piece of advice is stop caring so much about the insignificant things. Stop worrying about the guy/girl who won’t date you or the nail polish that is already starting to chip. Stop worrying about friends. Yes, you do need friends but cut those out who treat you badly. The ones that always lie to you and only keep you around because they need something. Those people aren’t worth it. You’re gonna lose so much friends in high school but you’re gonna make a lot of new ones (those are usually the ones that stick around for awhile).

My last piece of advice is be happy. Take care of yourself and stop stressing out. One B on a test won’t affect your entire life. As long as you study your material daily and get familiar with it, you won’t have to cram right before a test. Just relax and drink a glass of water. Love yourself and get good grades so you won’t have to work at Walmart for the rest of your life.

That is the advice that I have and I hope it was somewhat helpful. High school is gonna be one of the greatest but one of the worst times of your life. You’re gonna experience so many things and you’re going to get to meet a lot of different people. you might even go through some painful (emotionally,mentally,and physical pain) experiences in the next four years but those are the things that shape us into a strong, independent person.

Good luck and welcome to high school!


Dreams are something we hold dearly to. Spending our waking moment imagining it and just hoping that maybe someday it’ll happen. I too have dreams. But the one I really want to achieve is go to college. Ever since I was younger, I’ve just been waiting and waiting for college. To be able to study in the library and drink coffee with my friends. Oh how wonderful that would be. Albeit, dreams do fail. I’m trying so hard to not make a mistake that could ruin my chances of getting into my dream school. But something could happen because life doesn’t always go as plan. I just hope I don’t stop caring. If I stop caring, then I wouldn’t worry so much about school. I’m so hungry for adventure though that I want to be able to get into a good school out of Ohio. Although this dream could succeed. As long as I try my hardest and do all of my school work, I’ll be fine (hopefully). Sometimes you just gotta push through those obstacles in order to get what you really want. I’ve seen many people lose motivation on their dreams and it’s a terrible sight. Just seeing someone lose the passion for something they’ve been thriving for for so long  is just heart-breaking. I hope I don’t lose that passion for my dreams because without something to look forward to and to work for, life would just be pointless.

What Friendship Means To Me.

Friendship is such a complex thing. Something we humans want but it’s something that puts us through agony. Friendship is a beautiful thing, even more significant than having a relationship, but it turns ugly when that bond is broken. Maybe you turn to dislike each other, or someone moves so your friend just becomes a distant memory. You can’t call yourself a friend if you’re not always there for them though. You have to put effort into being friends. You can’t just blow them off if a better opportunity comes up. Honesty and trust is what makes a friendship. If you don’t have that, then what’s the point of being friends with that person? To find out stuff about them in order to tell other people? Maybe I’m the only one who has a tainted view of friendship. I only have a few friends seeing as some people have done me wrong. Everyone should have one friend to share secrets to though. To be able to express your thoughts so you don’t have to keep it all bottled up. Someone to share a smile with, to laugh and have fun. Being alone isn’t really a fun feeling, unless you like being alone, then having no friends wouldn’t be a problem for you. But keep in mind that if you have a friend, you don’t have to constantly talk to them. You should have a strong bond with that person even if it’s been a week since you’ve heard from them. That’s just what friendship is. Not someone who’s constantly by your side, but someone who will by your side in the time of need.

A hero.

I thought long and hard about what makes a hero.  A hero doesn’t need a superpower, they just needed to be brave, strong, loyal, and many other adjectives. Natsu Dragneel (which goes against the whole “a hero doesn’t need super powers” statement due to him being a fire mage) is just the epitome of a hero. He’s strong, cares a lot about his comrades, and is very determined. And that’s the result of a hero.

Natsu has saved many lives before. He goes on different quests/missions to save people who are in need of help. He goes from killing demons to going face-to-face to dark mages(someone who uses their magic for darkness) in order to keep the world at peace. Natsu once said, “I’ll keep my promise, I’ll save the world.” He’s very determined and cares about his love ones a lot. Natsu would go against any foe who puts his friends in danger even if it’ll cost his life.“It’s for my friends! For seven years…all that time…they waited for us! It was hard on them… They had sad times… They got humiliated, but they just endured it… And kept protecting the guild… It’s for my friends! I want to show them…that Fairy Tail will live on!! That’s why I gotta move forward!!”(Dragneel). Another quote that shows his determination is, “I will never give up… I will never give up! As long I’m still breathing in this world… As long I’m still standing, I will never give up!!!” Also, Natsu never backs down from a fight. If it’s for his loved ones, he will fight harder and harder. He continues to grow and becomes stronger and stronger each day that goes by.

In conclusion, Natsu Dragneel is a hero. Not only is he strong, but he’s determined and is willing to do anything in order to keep his comrades safe and sound. He just pushes himself to the limit for him to accomplish his missions and will always risks his life for someone he loves.


First grade. A treacherous moment in time. I don’t remember much but I had a best friend. She was great and really funny. We use to hang out all the time and lie to people about how we were sisters. People actually believed it even though we were a different race and ethnicity. We were just naive kids having fun. Although we would fight sometimes. I remember the first biggest insult I ever used on her is calling her stupid. I felt really bad afterwards. It was on the bus too so we had to sit next to each other in silence. Tension burning in the air while kids around us screamed and stuck their heads out the window like a dog. The smell of sweaty kids and testosterone filled my nostrils. It wasn’t pleasant. A few days later we became best friends again. All was fine. That was until about second grade, she all of a sudden disappeared.  I had no idea where she went. At first I thought she was just gonna be absent for a few days but another one of our friends told me that she moved. I was heartbroken. She never said anything about it to me. Never said goodbye. I remember the day I was told that, it was on the bus after-school. All I could do was sit in silence and listen to all the happy chatter happening around me. The cold leather seat under the palms of my hands as I gripped them slightly. I just sat there while looking out the window at the trees pass by in a big blur.

I still remember that day. It was sad to have my best friend just leave all of a sudden without saying anything. All the fun things we have done is a nice memory for me. We were able to get back in touch on Facebook a few years after. I was in sixth grade now. With new friends and a wiser perspective on life. She explained to me why she left and I understood why she left. The day she left was a memory I’ve always remembered, I thought the world was over but it kept going. I met new people and made a ton new memories. Although I was only about 8 years old when this happened so this wasn’t really a life-changing moment. But I learned that people leave and life will go on whether you like it or not. That’s all I have to say.

Evaluation Of My Blog.

  • How many posts did you write?

         I’ve only wrote 11 posts so far.

  • How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?

Seven of my posts are school based and five of my posts are by the challenge.

  • How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?

I have received 32 comments in total from classmates, teachers, and overseas students.

  • Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?

The post that received the most comments is my “This I Believe…” post. That probably has the most comments             because my classmates had to comment on each other’s blogs.

  • Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

The post I enjoyed writing the most is “Objects and A Traffic Light” because it was nice to be able to share my                experience of an amazing play to other people.

  • Did you change blog themes at all and why?

I changed blog themes because my blog started to look real plain so I decided to spice it up a little.

  • How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?

I only have one widget. I think this is not enough but I don’t think widgets are really that important to have.

  • Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog?

The web tools I have used to show creativity on my blog is the add media tool.

Interview questions:

  • What were your first impressions of this blog?

“She was organized and seems to have taken time to make her blog look neat.”

  • What captured your attention?

“How the captions were red and how long her posts were.”

  • What distracted you on the blog?

“Nothing distracted me. Her blog is simple and my main focus was on her posts.”

  • What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

“Nothing, it’s fine the way it is. ”

Challenge questions:

  • The most interesting challenge for you

The most interesting challenge for me is the Week 7 challenge.

  • How often you visited other blogs and left comments.

I’ve visited other blogs here and there but I rarely commented.

  •  Whether you read the challenge flipboard magazine

I’ve never read it before.

  • A PMI or plus/minus/interesting point about the challenge

A positive thing about the challenges is that it gave you the ability to learn more about things you haven’t spoken          about before and lets you see into the thoughts of other people’s opinions.

  • The most important thing you learnt while doing the challenge

The challenges helped me become a better write and to be more creative.

The Stars That Speak To Me.


( Star. Digital image. Flickr. Tom Hall. 15 Apr. 2015.)

The stars are really interesting and beautiful things. Looking up into the night sky and seeing the stars dance around. Alongside the moon, they shine light onto the dark streets. Lighting up a path for the someone who’s lost in the dark. Connecting the stars together and seeing the hidden constellations behind the dark clouds.

The stars are like pristine pearls that were thrown onto a black silk blanket. Giving comfort to everyone as they sing a quiet lullaby. Looking at the stars make me feel a little lethargic. I just want to lay on the hard soil layered with soft grass as the stars twinkle as if trying to tell me something with Morse code. Stars hold a certain simplicity to them but are also such complex things to understand.

In the constellations, the brightest star is “alpha”. The second brightest star in a constellation is called the “beta,” and the third brightest is “gamma”. The most known constellation is the Ursa Major, also known as the Great Bear or the Big Dipper, that is a constellation in the northern celestial hemisphere. Another known constellation is the Ursa Minor, also known as the Little Bear, is also a constellation in the northern sky.  I remember seeing the Ursa Minor for the first time when I was around 6-7 years old. I felt so giddy when I spot it and I just had to stare at the constellation in awe.

When I was younger, I use to look out my window at night to see a shooting star. Although I ended up never seeing one so that made me give up. Albeit, I hope one day when I look up at the starry sky I’ll see a shooting star. The stars are stupendous and I hope everyone sees the beauty in them too.

Out Of Place.

Esperanza’s p.o.v. :

I felt so lonely. So awkward. I made a fool out of myself. I don’t know why I felt so angry. Sally can do whatever she wants. “But when I got there Sally said go home. Those boys said leave us alone. I felt stupid with my brick. They all looked at me as if was the one that was crazy and that made me feel ashamed”. Maybe I did look crazy with a brick and three big sticks in my hand. I felt so uncomfortable that all I did was run. Run away from the problem.  I cried under a tree. My tears dripped into the soft soil. The tree will comfort me. All I wanted to do was die. I got myself together after a few minutes. My dress now green from the grass now covered in my sorrow. The garden that I have loved is now something strange. Something that isn’t mine anymore. This is probably the moment I’ve felt so out of place in. I wished I could’ve just disappeared. To become rain violently falling onto the concrete. Onto those boys teasing Sally. Onto Sally.

My p.o.v. :

I’ve had so many situations where I’ve felt really uncomfortable in. I think one time it would be where I was at a birthday party. I had no one to talk to so all I did was listen to music and read. Maybe it’s because when the kids try to talk to me I would just nod my head. Maybe it’s because I have my face buried in the pages of my book. When the adults try to talk to me I usually just shy away and continue to read. I have trouble talking to people so any type of social event freaks me out. Especially birthday parties. You can usually find me in a corner of a room by myself. I have to gain so much will power to ask for a slice of cake. Let’s not forget singing “Happy Birthday” to the person who’s name I don’t even know. I don’t want to look rude by not celebrating with my family but I also don’t want people to hear me.

The word outcast describes what I am. Rejected by the people at social gatherings. Ignored by everyone. Invisible. Even with my friends I’m outcasted. I think it’s quite humorous though. I’m okay with it. I enjoy silence better anyways. Being out of place makes you kind of special. You have the adventure of a lifetime to find the place you fit-in with.

Night Terrors.

Can you think of an event that has happened in your life that caused inevitable fear? Such fear that made your breathing abnormal. That made your spine shiver sporadically. I’m here to tell you a story. A story filled with terror and to show you just how wicked the night can be when you’re alone.


At the stroke of midnight, that’s when the creatures come out to play. Well that’s what my peers have told me. Unfortunately for them, I’m not as naive and gullible as they were hoping for. I wanted to show them just how brave I was and decided to take a stroll in the woods at midnight. When I think back to those kids, I can see an irrational speck of fear in their eyes. As if they have encountered these monsters before. Thinking about this gives me a cold chill. I wrap my red jacket tighter against my body as the cold autumn wind picks up. As I go deeper into the woods, it’s like everything has stopped. The crickets and owls stopped making any noises. Not a single firefly flying in the air. Not even the moon was out. The only sound I can hear is the leaves crunching beneath my worn-out Converse. I look at my phone screen and sees it’s only 11:55pm. Just a few more minutes left until the truth is revealed. Which the truth is that my friends were only saying that spooky stuff just to scare me.

During mid-step I hear a branch snap. My fingers start to shake slightly as I hear heavy breathing behind me. Something sharp scrapes down my neck slowly. The hairs on my arm sticks straight up, ready to jump off my arm and hide. I hold in a deep breath, shutting my eyes. The thing behind me lets out a loud roar. This makes me flinch harshly. I start running. I run for my life. Run. Run. Run. The thing is right on my tail. THUMP. THUMP. THUMP. The sound of my heart drowns out my hearing. Something grabs a hold of my jacket. This one has small hairy hands. I don’t look back. I quickly unzip my jacket and take it off. My legs start to burn more and more. I should’ve listened to my parents when they told me to do track. I won’t last any longer. Tears brim my eyes. This is where I’m gonna die. I trip over a tree root. I thought this only happened in horror movies. I chuckle a little because of how ironic it is. It feels like a horror movie right now. A slimy hand grabs my leg. This time I look back and I wish I didn’t. I see horrendous creatures staring at me. Eyes filled with hunger for new meat. And that’s when I feel it. A sharp pain on my leg. A human who resembles a snake looks at me with a devious smirk. I glance at my leg. It has two bite marks on it and it’s bleeding rapidly. My veins start to appear on my skin around the bite. They’re turning purple. It starts to spread quickly.  I bite my lip to get my mind off the wretched pain. I stare at the cloudy sky as I let death reach me. That’s when I let out a loud scream. Something ripped my leg off. They’re eating it.

I close my eyes and weep silently.  I’m at the brink of death. The thing is, my life didn’t flash before my eyes like how people in the movies describes death as. No. It was horrible. I thought about everyone I cared about. I never got to say goodbye to them. I shouldn’t have sneaked out through my bedroom window. I should’ve stayed home and finish that Biology homework I was assigned. I never got to finish the goals I have in life. I should’ve done more with it. Now I’m gonna die in vain. I hope someone finds my dead bo-


That was the end of his life. Several days later when the police found him, he had a missing arm and leg and his head was torn off. His body was barely recognizable. His stomach was torn open and maggots were everywhere. That one gloomy day was the last time the townspeople ever heard from him. His story has a meaning to it though. It showed that you shouldn’t take life for granted. Live the most out of it because one day you might just have death more close than you thought it was.

I’ve talked to these creatures before. They told me to be careful at night. Make sure you check everywhere before you turn off the lights. You might not know what’s hiding in the dark corners of your room.


Objects and A Taffic Light.

“There’s a fine line between vintage and crap.”

Hey there-seems like you’ve stumbled upon my post. It’s not too late to exit out but just bear with me.

October 31st, I went to see this play called “The Object Lesson”. I didn’t have any big expectations for it but I was pretty excited to experience it. At the moment when I walked into the small room these people were telling us to go, I see boxes everywhere. Boxes filled with such wonderful things. I felt a little throb in my heart. It was so surreal. As if I was dreaming.

As I was still in awe, music started playing. I see people grabbing….boxes? Sitting on a box that has a built-in chair. This cannot get any weirder. And I spoke too soon. A few minutes later, a guy, who was the artist of the show, started having this mental breakdown and feeling up a green chair. Then he started talking on the phone. Seems like he recorded that call though because later on he had a phone call with himself. It was very cool.

This show was on a Saturday so of course I was very tired when I got to school (I blame teenage angst) but the excitement was bubbling in my stomach. I haven’t been on a school bus in awhile so sitting on the cold,leather seats brought back a nostalgic feel. The ride to the show was calming. I really love car rides because seeing the world blur outside the bus’ window is such a relaxing feel. Music blasting in one ear, kids screaming in the other. Such a nice combination.

I remember the man telling a story about a traffic light. I wish I can hear it again. He described how when he was looking at the red light, he was able to appreciate the world. That everything went in a slow pace at that moment and it was something he could never forget. They ended up turning off all the lights and actually brought out a big traffic light. The light was red for a while and you can hear crickets all around you. It was like you were living his memory. I wished I spent more time soaking in all that. Relax in that silent moment and get away from reality. The mistake I made was waiting for the light to change to green. The anticipation was killing me and I didn’t realize I’ve wasted away a beautiful moment. People never realize how much opportunities they have missed  to be able to take a deep breath. Most people are so involved with their lives. They move too fast and they never take the time to focus on the blurry world around them.

When the show was over, I tried to process what just happened. The show made me wonder so many things that it felt as if my head was about to explode.  Even though I was confused at the end, I was still amazed by it. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Hopefully I can experience something like that again.